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Principal's Message

Another school year has fallen upon us, and we are so excited to continue the development of community at our school. La Glace is an authentic community based hamlet, which thrives on supporting one another and offering a helping hand when in need. Similarly, our school focuses on these same values as we work to develop the whole child; academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. At La Glace, we have a strong focus on inclusion, engagement, and relationships. These pillars are vital to the functioning of a healthy learning environment, and they are key to student readiness and success in learning.

We are so excited to continue efforts on fostering healthy interactions among all pupils in our building, as this is also a focus of our School Improvement Plan. To develop these capacities within our school, we will focus on restorative practice in education, sharing circles for community building, daily student physical activity for mind and body, and most importantly engaging with students and their families. Working alongside our school families allows our team to best develop students into their full potentials as they move along the continuum of learning and development. 

Throughout the school year, the staff at La Glace will connect with each other and our community so that we can offer our students a grounded upbringing, where they know they are valued and feel confident in their unique abilities.

Here we go 2022/2023!


Heidi Hargreaves