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About Our School

La Glace School


10026 - 100 Ave., La Glace, AB
Located about 45 kilometres northwest of Grande Prairie on Highway 59. View map.
ECS to Grade 9
County Preschool Program 
Special Features: 
La Glace School has recently undergone major renovations, modernizing classrooms to reflect 21st century inspired student spaces. Each classroom features SMARTboards, and technology is easily accessible through Chromebooks and iPad carts. Integrating mobile devices into our classes ensures opportunity to equitable learning environments. Additionally, the stage, which is part of the full-sized gym was updated to support the Grade 1 to Grade 9 music program. The stage offers a drop-down, two-way screen for hosting a variety of community and school-related events. Further, renovations were done to the library, creating an open space for learners, and to the Playground, to encourage creative play.     

The school features Speech Therapy, Individualized Reading Interventions, Preschool, and Empowered Reading programming. Non core courses offered, include; Art, Drama, Music, PE, French, and onsite CTF (Career and Technology Foundations) courses, that change quarterly over the year. The music programming includes a Music Play, Ukuleles, Bucket Drumming and much more! Please note, CTF is specifically for Jr. High Students.  They have the option of picking from a multitude of courses that could include: Active Living, Construction, Cosmetology, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Mechanics, etc. 
With a focus on healthy living, La Glace School provides programming and extracurricular activities aimed at daily physical activity, positive nutritional choices, and mental and emotional well-being.  Students have four recess breaks a day, which allows for optimal physical activity. 

The school boasts a playground for Grades 1-6 students, outdoor basketball court, football and baseball field, open play areas, and a large supply of outdoor education equipment for summer and winter sports. Daily physical education classes are offered to Grades 1- 9 students. Students at various grade levels participate in walk run club, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field.  

Contact us:
(780) 568-2430
Trustee Contact:
Dwayne Speager, Ward 4: [email protected]