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School Handbook

La Glace School | 2021/2022| Building Foundations Together

Student Handbook 


Bell Schedule
8:05 Doors open – Supervision provided at this time
8:20 Registration – All students begin the day in their homeroom
8:30 – 10:10 Instruction 
10:05– 10:25 Recess 
10:25 Classes resume
10:25 – 11:35 Instruction
11:35 – 11:55 Lunch Recess
11:55 – 12:25 Lunch 
12:25 – 2:10 Instruction 
2:10– 2:30 Recess
2:25 Classes resume
2:25 – 3:30 Instruction
3:35 – 3:40 Homeroom and dismissal


Agenda Books

All students in grades K-6 are expected to bring a La Glace School Agenda to and from school each day as a way of enhancing communication between parents and the classroom teacher. Students in grades 7- 9 are expected to access the electronic remind program that is available to them through each classroom teacher.


All school fees are due by October 15 . Payments received are applied to outstanding balances first. Post-dated cheques or other arrangements are welcome. Please contact the school principal if you require special circumstances for payments. Extracurricular privileges may be restricted for students with outstanding fees.


Students and parents should be aware that these lockers are the property of the school and may be opened by administration. Lockers are not one hundred percent secure and valuables are best left at home, if necessary stored at the office. The school does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Textbooks/Replacement Of Lost Or Damaged Materials/Chrome Books/Laptops

Students are responsible for all materials received by them. Students will be charged for materials that are damaged or not returned to the library. This includes library materials, classroom novels, calculators, CDs, chrome books, laptops and textbooks. Students will be charged the replacement cost of the item, GST, and shipping charges. Students should check their books carefully for damage at the time the books are signed out of the library and report any incidence to the librarian immediately.

Report Cards

Report cards are sent to parents three times a year. 

A meet the teacher night is scheduled during the first month of school as an informal way of getting to know your child's teacher. Following the first and second reporting period, parent-teacher interviews are scheduled in the evening. These interviews are to allow for more complete reports, and an opportunity to discuss concerns by the parent. Parents are encouraged to attend. Junior High students and parents will be issued passwords to access student marks, comments and attendance on-line through Power School.



School Act Regulations Regarding Code Of Conduct

Section 7 of the School Act states that a student shall conduct himself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:

(a) be diligent in pursuing his studies;

(b) attend school regularly and punctually;

(c) cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services;

(d) comply with the rules of the school;

(e) account to his teachers for his conduct;

(f) respects the rights of others

A. Expectation Regarding Diligence In Pursuing Studies

Being diligent in one's studies means doing all work to the best of one's ability, preparing for exams, bringing all necessary materials to class, coming to school with an openness to learning, making education a priority over extra-curricular activities, work and socializing and focusing one's attention on learning while in the classroom.

Homework and Missed Assignments

Since skills of independent study and learning outside the school are important, the school affirms and supports the assigning of homework at all grade levels based on the practice of good learning theory. It is important that an awareness of a student’s ability, grade level and home conditions will affect the amount and nature of the homework assigned. (Homework is considered here to include not only written work, but also related activities such as viewing specific television programs, news reporting, recreational reading, and other activities which are related to classroom work, but which are assigned to be done at home). The aims of homework are to develop regular and efficient study habits and to reinforce learning.
If students are absent, upon returning to school, it will be the student’s responsibility to determine what assignments have been given and to make arrangements with the teacher to have the assignments completed. By arrangement with the teacher a new deadline is usually allowed. Work not made up will be marked " incomplete”.
In case of a missed examination, it is not always desirable, convenient or even possible to allow students to write a similar exam at a later date. In the case of an excused absence the teacher will, with the student, make an effort to provide some sort of makeup assignment or exam. As tests and examinations are normally known well in advance, we urge students and parents to try to avoid appointments, etc. whenever possible on these days.

 How To Study

1) Start Early
-organize the material
-check for missing material
2) Find where and when you study best- Choose a quiet place where you can work. Work at the same time and place each day.
3) Plan your study time-Studies show that four thirty minute blocks are better than 0ne two hour block
If you can’t study one subject for thirty minutes break it up into ten minutes on three different subjects
4) Do your hardest subject first
5) Keep and correct all tests
6) Get help when you need it.
7) When you are tired, switch subjects, take a short break, have a snack, relax, stretch
8) Remember that studying involves a review of class notes and a completion of assignments. You could review you notes each day.

B. Expectations Regarding Attendance And Punctuality

School Attendance
Regular and punctual school attendance is expected and necessary for success in school.
Attendance will be taken at 8:30 a.m. and prior to the first class period after the lunch break. In order to maximize  student safety there will be an attendance call out at 9:30 am. Parents are expected to call the school if their child will be late or away.

Excusable Absences:

The only excusable absences, according to the School Act, are those related to the student's health (with a health care professional's letter or certificate), religious holidays, suspensions from school and school field trips.  The school recognizes that students may be absent for other legitimate reasons.  Excusable absences beyond those stated will be at the discretion of the principal.

Attendance issues having a negative affect on a student’s academic performance will be reported to our superintendents.

If a student needs to leave the school before scheduled dismissal, please provide a written note to the office or to your child’s teacher. Also please notify your child’s bus driver of any changes.

In order that the school is aware of all visitors in the school, parents must report their presence to the office upon entering the building, and to the teacher upon entering the classroom.

Students Leaving School Premises During The Day:

La Glace School is a closed campus for grades K-6. Junior High students leaving the school during the school day, unless picked up by the parents, are expected to have permission in writing from their parents. One note can be in place to give permission for the year.

Parents are required to report to the office before they pick up any students from the school. Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom. Students must be signed out at the office if they are leaving before the end of the school day.

Junior High students will be able to leave school grounds at lunch recess only and must sign in and out. Failure to comply may result in a loss of these privileges.

During final exams: A note stating that your child has your permission to leave the school will be mandatory. This note must also include acceptable mode of transportation, ie: can walk home, travel with his/her friend to their home, etc.

C. Expectations Regarding Cooperation

Students are expected to comply with any reasonable request of any teacher, support staff member, custodian, bus driver, coach or supervisor.

D. Expectations Regarding Rules Of The School

Students are expected to comply with all the rules of the school and of individual classrooms.  The following is a list of rules on which the school has formal policy.  In addition, we expect students to follow common sense rules of courtesy, responsibility and good will, all of which we consider to be essential to any good school. 

Student Dress Code
Standards of dress and personal hygiene must be maintained while in attendance at school. The appearance of any young person is primarily the responsibility of that individual and their parents. At our school, we expect students to maintain an appearance that is not distracting to classmates, others students, or to the detriment of the educational process of this school. Where the student’s dress is felt to be inappropriate the individual will be so informed in by their teacher or by the school principal.

We would also urge that during the winter season, parents ensure that their children are dressed adequately to withstand the rigors of winter weather. Should their bus break down or become stranded, it is essential that students be appropriately dressed.
1. Students need suitable clothes for physical education and shop.
2. Students are to avoid wearing design or word motifs that are suggestive, indecent or contain profanity.
3. Appropriate underwear is to be worn and not seen.
4. Parents and staff are reminded that they set an example for our students and are encouraged to respect the dress code as well.
5. Clothing should be clean, tidy and appropriate to an educational setting (i.e. no midriff skin or beach wear.)

Gym Apparel

At La Glace School we believe in and practice daily physical education. The emphasis, at the elementary level, is on participation and, as the students move into higher grades; greater time is spent on skill development in combination with sportsmanship and participation.

Junior High students are required to have appropriate gym clothes for all gym activities. This includes proper non-marking athletic shoes which are only used indoors. Students in Grades 1-6 are not required to wear gym strip unless specified by the teacher. Shorts and a T-shirt are preferred, but sweat pants may be permitted provided that they are not the same ones being worn in school as regular clothing on that day. Again, running shoes are a must.

Students who do not have proper clothing for physical education classes will not be permitted to participate in physical education classes. Physical education is a required course on the curriculum and students will only be excused in extreme situations.

Two Shoe Policy

In order to provide a clean learning enviroment and to reduce allergens in the school, all students are required to have an inside and an outside pair of shoes. 

Smoking and Vaping 

Peace Wapiti School Board Policy states that all schools and school property are non-smoking areas. Students using, supplying, selling or being in possession of cigarettes, vaping and/or vape paraphernalia, or chew tobacco on school property may be suspended, lose extra-curricular privileges and/or referred to AADAC and/or reported to the RCMP.

Alcohol and Drugs

Involvement with alcohol, cannabis or restricted/controlled drugs is prohibited. Involvement includes any of the following:

a. Consumption, possession, supplying or sale of alcohol

b. Use, possession, supplying or sale of cannabis or restricted/controlled drugs

c. Use, possession, supplying or sale of drug paraphernalia

d. Showing evidence of having recently consumed alcohol, or used cannabis or restricted/controlled drugs

e. Being in the company of students who are choosing to violate school and Peace Wapiti School Division policy by possessing, supplying, selling or using alcohol, cannabis, restricted/controlled drugs or drug paraphernalia.

Any involvement with alcohol or drugs is subject to discipline, including suspension for up to five school days and may include loss of extra-curricular privileges and a recommendation to the board for expulsion. Cases may be referred to AADAC and/or reported to the R.C.M.P.

Energy Drinks

Alberta Health Services does not recommend energy drinks for school aged children due to the high levels of caffeine. Many of these drinks also contain high amounts of sugar. The recognized increased risks of health and behavioral problems among young people when consuming these drinks is of concern. Given these concerns, students are not allowed to possess or consume energy drinks on school property.

Security Policy

The front doors of the school will open at 8:05 am at which time a supervisor will be present on the school grounds. Student doors will open at 8:20am, unless the combined air and wind temperatures are below -25 C. In this case the student doors will open at 8:05 am. The student doors will remain open until 8:45 am. Any students arriving late to school must enter through the front doors and check in at the office. The student doors will open for recess and be locked at the end of each. Student doors remain open until 3:50 pm.  Unless attending after school practices, students are required to exit the building and are expected to leave the school grounds. Teachers supervising at after school practices are not responsible for younger siblings of team members or others in their care.


Students may use the phone in their classroom and the main office, at recess and noon, providing they have their teacher’s permission.

Computer Use

It is our intention to foster and encourage computer use by students of all grade levels, in all subject areas. As a general rule it is expected that computers will be used for educational purposes only during class time.
INTERNET - Information available on the Internet should be viewed as an additional resource for staff and students. In keeping with that belief all students should be given the opportunity to access the Internet, subject to conditions laid down by board policy. Students will be strictly supervised at all times during all usage of the internet. Any violation of school rules governing the internet will result in a loss of computer privileges.

Electronic Devices

  1. Students in K-6 are not to bring toys or electronic devices to school. Any items brought for use on buses must be stored in student lockers during the day.
  2. Students are permitted to use electronic devices in their classrooms under the direction of the classroom teacher.
  3. Electronic devices that are brought to the classroom must be in clear site of the classroom teacher at all times.
  4. Students are to refrain from recording audio, pictures and video information unless under the direction of a classroom teacher.
  5. Communication with an electronic device to a parent or guardian must be done in the presence of a teacher or administration.
  6. Student use of electronic devices, in junior high, for the purpose of gaming and music is permissible during break times.
  7. Teachers and administration reserve the right to examine files stored on electronic devices if it is reasonable to assume that privacy codes or test taking rules have been violated. Files found in violation of school rules will be removed from such devices.

E. Expectations Regarding Accounting For Their Conduct

Students are expected to account for their conduct in the classrooms, in the school and at school-sponsored activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students engaged in or attending extra-curricular functions will behave in an appropriate manner and be subject to the same regulations as apply during regular in-school activities.
A student who is absent from school during a day on which there is an activity planned for after school may not take part in that activity unless permission to do so has been received from the principal.
A student whose marks, in any course, are dropping, may be temporarily suspended from participation in out-of-class activities until his/her marks have improved to the satisfaction of the teacher and principal.
Students and Parents are reminded that we all represent our school and district when we participate in out of school activities. A volunteer coach will be afforded the same respect given to a classroom teacher and all rules of the visiting school will be adhered to.

F. Expectations Regarding Respecting The Rights Of Others

Students are expected to treat everyone in the school in a respectful manner.  Each person has the right NOT to be subjected to abusive or harassing language or behavior, to feel safe and cared for, to have others respect their property or views, to be respected for the work they do and to have an environment that is conducive to learning.  The list below is not meant to cover all possible behaviors that may fall under this responsibility, but does highlight issues in this area for which we have a specific policy.

We believe that the most desirable form of discipline is self-control, in which the individual student monitors personal behavior to deal respectfully with others.

Students are expected to respect:
All staff - All students  - All school and personal property - Themselves -  Personal, religious and cultural differences 

Playground Behavior Rules

1. Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
2. Show respect to others.
3. When the bell rings come in immediately.
4. Play on the playground equipment in a safe, appropriate manner.

Time Out

1. Time out is used for students who misbehave on the playground.
2. If students are sent to the detention room during lunch recess they may be asked to complete a discipline assignment during this time. The assignment is used as a means of focusing the child's attention on his/her actions. Following the completion of the assignment the student will meet with the principal or supervising teacher to create a plan for different behavior in the future. The assignment will be kept as a record of the event.

Parents will be contacted if circumstances warrant, or if any behavior problems on the playground persist. Serious violations of student conduct, such as fighting, bullying, vandalism of school or personal property, and willful disobedience will be referred to the Principal immediately.

One of the primary purposes of discipline is to provide classroom conditions that will make effective learning possible. Under no circumstances should the actions of any student or group of students be allowed to infringe on the rights or safety of others.
It is accepted that each student has the right to the facilities and services provided by the school and is consequently bound by school regulations while using these facilities and services. Infractions of school regulations shall normally lead to temporary curtailment of rights to some facility or service.

A second purpose of discipline is to develop within each student, as far as possible, the capacity for intelligent self-control. All discipline should avoid any deliberate damage to a student’s self esteem.
Freedom of choice, independent work, and any decision-making by students can only be considered in the light of the demonstrated ability of those students involved to make reasonable, mature judgments and to act responsibly with or without supervision. Any concerns regarding activities falling under this section should be referred to the principal for approval.


Teachers have the right to request a student to remain in school at recess or the noon break. In special circumstances, where previous consultations with the parent have occurred, the student may be kept after school. Our school operates a noon hour detention room for this purpose.


For inappropriate behavior or violation of school rules, a student may be suspended:
• From a single class by, and at the discretion of, the teacher
• From school by, and at the discretion of, the principal.
Such suspension shall not exceed 5 days as per Board Policy IGD.

In-School Suspension

Acts that can lead to an in-school suspension include:
• Willful disobedience or disrespect
• Failure to complete class or homework assignments
• Physical or mental abuse (including profanity) of school property, the staff or fellow students.

During his/her suspension the student must attend school in the normal fashion. He/she will be expected to complete all regular assignments plus special projects. Contact with other students, however, will be minimal, as the student will be isolated from other classmates during the school day and any deliberate attempts to contact other students will lengthen the period of suspension. Noon hours and recess may occur at staggered intervals.

Out-of-School Suspension

If after serving other forms of detentions a student continually commits major offences, the student may be expelled from the school by the principal for a period of up to five days.


Where all other methods appear to have been unsuccessful the principal may suspend the student from school and recommend expulsion. Such action will not be taken until such time as the Board convenes a hearing with the parents, the student, the principal and the superintendent. (See board policy IGD)

Five Step Discipline Policy

Step 1: First offence reported
Teachers deal with any inappropriate student behaviors immediately and consistently. The teacher will talk to the student(s) and clarify the nature of his/her misbehavior, as well as possible consequences of continued misbehavior. The teacher may file a discipline notice at the office. The principal may talk to the student(s) and disciplinary measures may be taken. The (Family and Community Support Services) FCSS counselor may have to be consulted.

Step 2: Second offence reported
Teachers contact the parents of the student, by phone or personally, if he/she continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior. The teacher will talk to the student and discuss the consequences of continued misbehavior. The teacher will file a discipline notice at the office. The principal will talk to the student, and disciplinary measures will be taken. The teacher or principal will notify parents. The FCSS counselor may need to become involved.

Step 3: Third offence reported
If the inappropriate behaviors continue the principal will be notified and a meeting will be held with the student, parents, teacher(s), and the Principal. At this meeting, the teacher(s) will be prepared to give a detailed account of the inappropriate behaviors to the student and his/her parents. A team approach will be used to find a solution to the problem. A written report will be filled, disciplinary measures will be taken and a contract may be developed for the student. The FCSS counselor may need to become involved.

Step 4: Fourth offence reported
If the action plan proves unsuccessful, the Principal will notify the student and his/her parents that the student will be placed on an in-school suspension or in detention, for a determined length of time. All extra-curricular privileges, recesses and noon-hours will be suspended for that duration. Teachers must provide and collect completed work from timed-out students on a daily basis. In junior high, students may be timed-out for one or more of their classes. A discipline notice will be filed at the office and a copy will be sent home. The FCSS counselor may need to be called for counseling sessions.

Step 5: Fifth offence reported
If the student continues to display inappropriate behavior, the principal will arrange a meeting with the parents and the student. Suspension from school may result from either this meeting or further inappropriate behaviors. The FCSS counselor may need to be called for counseling sessions.

Removal of Privileges

Throughout the year various school activities will take place. It is hoped all students will be eligible to participate. Exceptions may be those students who are on Level three or four of the four-step discipline policy or activities intended as rewards for special achievement.

The Administration may need to by-pass one or several of these steps in exceptional cases. 


Cold Weather Policy

Students are to dress appropriately for the weather and recognize the fact that there may be certain days when extremely cold weather may pose a safety threat. When the combined temperature is below than -25 C, students will not be sent out at recess. School administration will make the final decision whether or not to send students outside during recess and noon hour. On days in which the temperature drops below  -40 Celsius, the buses will not run but the school will be open and an educational program will be provided for the students.

Fire Drills/Lock Down

In emergency situations, students must be removed from the school or safely secured in the building. These processes are in place and for the safety of our students, a number of practice drills will occur during the year. Students are expected to cooperate fully with all procedures.

Student Illness

Normally a student that is too ill to go outside for recess is generally too ill to be at school. This is especially true in the case of severe colds where continual attendance at school can delay recovery and provide a source of infection for other students. This said we appreciate there will be times when children at school become ill or injured requiring the need to lie down in the office or contact their parents. We understand the need to ensure the health and safety of the children we are responsible for, and will follow the necessary steps to protect our students. The following guidelines will be used when dealing with a child who is sick or injured at school:

1. Students who are sick or injured are the responsibility of their homeroom teacher. If a child is sent to the office due to illness or injury, the homeroom teacher is to be notified immediately.

2. Students who are feeling ill or are injured at school will be asked if they feel that they can continue to work in the classroom. If they feel they can, they will be allowed to do so and their condition will be monitored frequently by the teacher.

3. Students who are not feeling well enough to stay in the room may be taken to the office, where an attempt will be made to contact the parents. If the parents are contacted, they will make the decision, in consultation with the teacher and the child, as to whether or not the child will remain in school.

4. Any child who is resting in the office is to be monitored regularly by homeroom teacher, administrative personnel or adult designate.

5. Students whose parents cannot be reached will be allowed to rest in the office. This is a short-term situation only and whenever possible, parents will be contacted and asked to take their child home. Regular attempts to contact their parents will be made, either until the child is feeling better, or contact is made. If after several attempts the parents can not be reached, the emergency contact number from the registration form is to be called.

6. In extreme cases, the parents or emergency contacts and administrator are to be notified immediately. If necessary, teacher and administration will make a decision in Loco Parentis concerning transfer to medical services, ambulance utilization, etc.

All injuries are to be documented on the OHS site, available through the Peace Wapiti Website


Staff members may not administer oral medication of any kind to students unless the parent has completed a “Request Form”.

Anaphylactic Children

Students who have allergies involving either asthmatic or anaphylactic reactions are required to inform the school through their parents. Area and classroom restrictions on allergens may be put in place by the administration, if they deem it necessary for the safety of the child.

Animal Policy

Due to health and sanitation reasons, no animals are to be brought into the school without prior approval from Administration.

Student Accident Insurance Program

 Peace Wapiti School Division has a Student Accident Insurance Program that protects students and their families from some of the high costs of injury from accidents. The Student Accident Insurance program provides coverage for medical, dental, disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance on behalf of students participating in any school activities, including student transportation and school sanctioned events and field trips. All students are covered under the Division plan. Parents/Guardians may wish to purchase additional coverage (summertime, weekend, and other non-school days) at their own cost; information packages are available at the school.


Students and their primary contact are each given a password which allows them to access the following information through PowerSchool (our web-based student records system):

  • attendance record
  • timetable
  • detailed marks for each course
  • course selections for the next school year

Booster Club

There are numerous extracurricular activities and events in La Glace School.  A parent support group has been set up to co- ordinate some of the activities and assist in fund raising.  Most of these funds come from fundraising events throughout the school year.  Parents are encouraged to help the Booster Club and extracurricular programs by joining the Booster Club at its fall or spring meetings.

School Council

Due to recent government changes, school councils have been given an increased role in working with students and staff.  Many school policies and procedures are developed through input from these meetings.  The Council's mandate is to work toward ensuring the best possible education for all students within La Glace School.  The School Council provides a structure in which parents, teachers, students and the principal can talk about education in the school community.  Our meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each school month around 4:00 pm, at La Glace School. Please check the proposed school year to confirm dates. Meetings are not held during the months of September, December, and June.  The first meeting of the school year will be held in October and all parents are welcome to attend. The executive is elected at the May meeting. 

School Newsletter

A school newsletter will be published on a monthly basis.  This information is shared with families via email and an electronic copy is posted on the school website and the school Facebook page.